Feel Golf "Full Release" Grip Box- New

Feel Golf

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Brand: Feel Golf

Model: Full Release Grip Box- Tour Wrap Grips 

Each set of 13 revolutionary GAME and DISTANCE improvement grips comes with free grip tape, and a free "Release 
Like a Pro" instructional VHS  
The 13 Grip Set includes: 
• 13 Pro Release "Full Release" performance grips, black 
• Grip tape 
• "Release Like A Pro" instructional VHS
• Article with performance chart 
• USGA/R&A conforming 

The Full Release™ reverse taper design is thinner at the top with a gradual thickening for the bottom hand. This creates a more natural feel in your hands - similar to the tapered handle of a baseball bat - which allows you to easily grip (not hold) the club with your fingertips - just like the Pros.
These new game improvement grips allow golfers to fully release the club and generate maximum clubhead speed through impact. Immediately increase your distance and reduce your hook or slice.



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