Bettinardi 25th Anniversary SS16 Limited Run Putter


SKU: A8003204
  • $ 800.00

• Model: SS16
• Material: 303 Stainless Steel
• Neck: Slant
• Face Milling: Smooth

• Weight: 356 Grams
• Finish: Black Onyx PVD
• Grip: French Blue Leather Perforated

We’re bringing you Round 2 of our 25th Anniversary Limited Run of putters and
introducing one of our all-new head shapes debuting in the 2023-2024 Studio
Stock line, the SS16. This 356-gram Limited Run SS16 features a rarely seen,
extra responsive Smooth face and a Slant neck. The entire head, including
the neck, is one-piece milled from 303 Stainless Steel and is finished in an
Black Onyx PVD. The heel features an open Hex milling with Roman numerals
“XXV” to emphasize the significance of this Silver Anniversary putter, while the
sole showcases a larger open Hex milling with Roman numerals and a “1/250”
engraving to mark its limited quantity. This modern mallet putter features a
minimal paint scheme of navy and white and comes paired with a Navy leather
25th Anniversary headcover and a French Blue 25th Anniversary Gripmaster
perforated leather grip.