Fujikura Six X-Stiff Flex Shaft- 46"


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A classic Fujikura design, the SIX shaft has been engineered with thinner walls to have the same feel, stability, and control of a heavier shaft and directly benefit the golfer who is looking to more aggressively drive the ball down the fairway. Sub 60 gram SIX shafts can achieve mid-launch with mid-spin profiles.

Model: Fujikura Six Shaft

Condition: New

Uncut, No Grip or Shaft Adapter 

Model Flex Length Weight Tip Flex Butt Flex
Six  X 46" 60 113 77

Six TS X

X 46" 60 103 75


 Model Torque Par. TIp Butt Dia Bend Pt Spin Launch
Six 4.0 2.5 .600 M M/L M
Six TS X 3.7 2.5 .600 M/H L M

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