Srixon 2024 Q-Star Tour Divide Golf Ball- Dozen


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We created the all-new Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE to perform like an authentic tour ball, but in a way that helps your game stand out among the rest. Thanks to its two-tone, premium urethane cover, plus all the same performance technologies as our classic Q-STAR TOUR, you won't just enjoy standout distance, short-game spin, and putting alignment. You'll see it.


The longer your alignment line, the easier it can be to line up your putts. And with DIVIDE's one-of-a-kind seam line running around the entire golf ball, you get 360˚ of alignment so you can putt with perfect aim.


When it comes to pitches and chips around the green, DIVIDE's unique two-tone cover produces a strobe effect while spinning, revealing the speed and direction of spin on every shot. It's a powerful tool for tracking and improving your consistency.


We start with the core of the core, then add thousands of layers, resulting in a gradual transition from firm to soft. This generation's core is reformulated for a slightly higher compression rating that promotes better ball speeds and distance off the tee. But it's also soft enough reduce long-game sidespin for more accuracy with Woods and Irons, and deliver tour-level control on approach shots.


With an ultra-thin, premium urethane cover that's even softer than last generation, combined with our specialized Spin Skin coating, Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE delivers world-class spin and control. And, we've infused it's entire cover with bright pigments, so it starts vibrant and stays vibrant.


The 338 Speed Dimples featured on Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE improve overall aerodynamics for better flight performance with any club in your bag. A lower drag coefficient helps the ball cut through air with less resistance for a more penetrating launch and straighter flight in tough conditions. A higher lift coefficient pushes up on the ball, slowing its fall and forcing it to stay in the air longer for maximum distance.

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